Contemporary Activism Now!

What is Activism Now?

Activism Now! is the leading organization that helps people take action and make a difference. We provide support through events, campaigns, and resources. We’re here to cover today’s activism, from environmental, social and political, labor rights and economic, legal rights, and community action. Our goal is to present the most comprehensive view of activism happening around the world.

Activism is a form of political expression and social action that seeks to bring about change. Activists strive for change through peaceful means such as protests, demonstrations, rallies, and strikes.

Activist types are diverse in terms of the cause they advocate for and their methods to achieve that goal. Some activist types are more focused on policy advocacy while others focus on altering societal structures.

There are three main types of contemporary social activism: political activism, peace activism, and social activism.

Political activists seek to promote policies including changes in government that encourage equality or justice within a society.

Social activists seek to alter societal structures by enacting policy through lobbying bodies such as government agencies or corporations or by creating change through protest movements.

History of the Activist Movement

Early environmental activism: The first Earth Day was held on 22 April 1970. Since then, there has been an ongoing global environmental movement. This started with the US-based Zero Hour Movement and eventually spread to other countries which culminated in the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro on 20 June 1992.

Social movements: The word ‘social movement’ refers to any organized attempt towards change through peaceful, non-violent means by members of society as a whole or individual citizens – whether they are working individually or together with others – who share a common goal, or interest. The value of contribution is often measured in your ability as an individual to positively impact the world and make it a better place. There are many ways to contribute, from working on a grassroots campaign to writing and publishing articles.