10 Guiding Principles of Recovery

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Hope is Key

For Recovery to Emerge from the Gestalt background, Hope has to be Real: Hope is the vitalizing essential for the process of recovery. The chance of a better future is what will sustain the Individual who faces the struggles and challenges of  recovering from Mental Health or Substance Use disorders.

People can and do succeed in surmounting the barriers and obstacles that confront them and Hope is the catalyst that helps us cope. 

Hope comes from different sources; family, friends, institutions and clinical professionals, service providers and, of course from Peer Specialists. Yet ultimately, Hope must be Internalized to reach maximum effectiveness.

Recovery is Non-Linear and Emergent

a Journey of Wellbeing

Modern Principles of Recovery

The Modern Principles of Recovery are based on Individual Context and Culturally Attuned. No two Individuals will have the same Journey of Personal Recovery and Wellness.

Recovery is Supported by the Community and Institutions as well as by Families and Friends

Working together, we create mutual support groups that act on our behalf, the behalf of the intersubjective other, and on behalf of the community.

It is in the best interest of the community at large for all its Individuals to be Healthy and Well-Integrated. Social problems begin to emerge whenever marginalization, stigma, and isolation creep in.  Factors such as these destabilize the coherent attractors of community cohesion and lead to chaotic conditions.

Health, Wellbeing and Individual Recovery lead to safe, stable communities.

Our Mission

Social Ecology

Our Journey of Recovery is the Journey of the Soul; be prepared for New Vistas of change and personal Transformation. Life is Profound: be Present and Mindful so you can experience its Fullness.

Social Economics

Old Style Business and Economy were driving out the humanity from society's very essence. It became difficult for Intelligent and Sensitive citizens to continue the daily grind without recourse to self-medication or Mental Despair.
Fortunately, the New Business models have grown more Enlightened and Sustainable.


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Over 24 years of cultural interaction, experiential knowledge, international standards, technological changes and industrial systems bring us to the current moment and its Supercausal Perfection

it is of our collective making

Our Cities Share a Cultural History


  • Purpose – being productive, whether through volunteer work, employment or going to school, provides meaning for every person, especially those who are rebuilding a life in recovery.


  • Community – an essential aspect of recovery from mental illness and addiction is understanding that others have experienced similar difficulties and struggles. Having non-judgmental support from friends, family members and others in recovery can be just the thing to help an individual gain momentum in recovery.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work!

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am not alone, and feel the charm of existence in this moment.

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New Millenia Business is Enlightened, Dynamic, & Synergistic

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Occupational Economics

  • Self renewal is on-going and continuous
  • New structures emerge and are assimilated into the structural organization; often with every connection to the environment
  • The system is autonomous; the environment only triggers the expressions, it does not direct them; or perhaps they may co-participate through a larger system
  • The resulting behavior can be unique, novel or unpredictable
  • Structural coupling between organism and environment allows for systematic ‘learning’-changes in structure which further alter the nature of the coupling



The Scope and Magnitude of Conceptual Sociology have long been relegated to the closet. But a new era is dawning and with it a multivalent Society, rich with interrelated tiers of advanced Meaning. A Society of deeply Actualized Humanity, profoundly interconnected with our World; both Ecological and Virtual, awaits our full discovery and Harmonious Integration.

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Health & Nutrition

SAMHSA’s Recovery Overview Strategy includes the following four very important areas that will greatly improve the chances of success in your recovery:

  • Health – overall health and wellbeing begins with nutrition and environmental factors which address the health of the physical instrument. Symptomatic of those factors that complicate physical and emotional health are inclusion in healthy social, spiritual, physical and community environments. 

Unhealthy (dirty) air and water greatly affect the emotional and physical health but so do toxic relationships whether family, occupational, or social.

All the vitamins and micro nutrients must be present in the diet so that any psychiatric disorders can be addressed and successfully treated.

This leads to more informed and healthier choices that will sustain ongoing recovery.

Nutrition comes from the Food we eat, the Air and Water we drink and breathe, as well as what we see and read (or watch on video) and the sounds that come to us from our surroundings. Nutrition is not simply ‘groceries’, but the total organic synthesis of our whole environment.

Safe Home Environment

Very Important for Recovery…

  • Home – having a consistent, peaceful and stable place to return to each day will help remove uncertainty and anxiety that can lead to self-destructive behavior.


Even in darkness there's light

Many have, and do recover, even from severe mental illness. There is nothing that says that recovery is impossible or that wellbeing is impermanent. 

Many Peers have already demonstrated that there is hope for recovery for everyone.


The lights Begin to Shine -

As you begin to manage your personal challenges, you will start to feel stronger and gain confidence. It’s a personal journey and different for everybody. You are the best expert on you -nobody knows you better than yourself.

After you learn to manage your  challenges for a while, health and wellbeing will become a natural extension of your on-going recovery. Once you gain mastery of this process, you will likely proceed towards applying it to all aspects of your life.