Soul Journey

(Return of the Hero)

About The the Hero

The Soul Journey is comprised of three basic stages: Separation, Initiation, and Return. The third and final act in the Monomyth is the Return stage and is in many ways, the climax.

Our Mission


In this phase, the Hero (sometimes reluctantly) must part ways with his old (and comfortable) patterns that constitute his former ordinary world. Separation creates the space that is necessary for growing into.

Growth & Healing (Initiation)

The Initiation stage introduces the Hero to a new Way which is to overcome some fatal flaw that he held deeply within his own worldview.This flaw was impeding his further growth, his health and his wellbeing.
Overcoming this defecit has been likened to descent into chaos.

Return (Environment)

Once the Hero has confronted his inner flaws, he must return from chaos back to the ordinary world, bringing his newfound gifts back to society, where they can be put to good use for the betterment of his people, The Return of the King is always a famous rite of passage.

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Our Personal Story (3rd Phase)

   In this stage, the Hero must face the antagonistic force for the final time but in this conflict, the stakes are much higher. The Hero must marshal all the lessons he learned up to this point and bring them to bear in order to achieve the final victory. In this victory, she will overcome her mortal flaw, yet sometimes it will require martyrdom because only by the death of the old self can the Hero rise again, redeemed. In any case it will represent a major sacrifice.

Once the mortal flaw has been sacrificed, the Hero achieves the Divine State and must bring the life-giving power back to society for the greater good. The Hero has mastered both the ordinary and the special world and becomes a conduit or Divine Instrument (see Prodigal Returns). This will liberate the Hero from the Fears of the Past and compel a Karmic Redemption related to his Future.


The light Begins to Shine -

The sacrifice and boon that comes with it must have relevance: Meaning must be established at profound levels both socially and for the interior psyche. After all, martyrdom has occurred within the deepest sacrifice and such valuable transformation should be worth something, generally worth a great deal. Within this Meaning and Profundity, a lot of loose ends are collected and the Hero’s life takes on renewed purpose. It is Regenerative.