Contemporary Entrepreneur

Enterprise Ecosystem explores the possibilities through investigative conversations with pioneers and thought leaders who have been at the forefront of the new dimension that is transforming business today: disruptive innovation, growth hacking, a quantum shift in enterprise culture and many other topics are actively shaping our future.

Many startups are now using growth hacking to grow their enterprise ecosystem. Growth hacking is a set of strategies used to elevate the rate of success in a campaign or company. These strategies can be applied in many parts of the business such as marketing, design, development and operations.

Business is undergoing a Quantum Shift which has its origins in the revolutionary developments in today’s technology. The biggest disruption to traditional business was the start-up phase of the Network Revolution, when networked connectomes began to populate, becoming the internet. It spawned new entrepreneurs who were able to use its potential without having to invest in expensive physical assets.

The newest wave of disruption is being brought about by quantum computing and nanotechnology, which are producing a whole new class of startups with abilities never before seen in business. They are using quantum technologies not only as tools but also as a way of thinking about business processes and products that can be used to transform entire industries – or even the world itself.

The frontier for this revolution is artificial intelligence (AI). These companies are already attracting top talent, occupying gateways with agencies, and redefining the way people work.

The future of entrepreneurship is filled with opportunities and challenges. As the startup world becomes more competitive, we are all being tested to discover our own strength and resilience. It is advantageous to think creatively, find new solutions and to quickly adapt to changing market dynamics. We need agile leaders with keen vision to be successful in this new business reality.