About Camp Meadowlark

Located in North Carolina, we have a small staff of 7, who specialize in education, social science, environmental awareness and ecology. The camp is designed to inspire kids to connect with nature and learn about the importance of protecting our planet. The camp will offer games, activities, field trips, hikes, and learning opportunities that are focused on the environment.

Our Focus

We believe that a healthy, happy, and balanced individual is the key to a healthy and sustainable society.

Introducing our youth to new topics that interest them and making them aware of environmental issues is key to achieving a sustainable society. Get access to hundreds of lessons on the environment, ecology or conservation that will help your students think about these issues in new ways.

Meadowlark is a global nonviolent movement with a vision of a safe future for everyone. Join our global grassroots movement for peace, sustainability, and social change!

We want to uncover activism strategies and inspirations that will help you take action for a more sustainable world. Your voice can change the world! Use it, and make a difference: for the environment, for nature, for your society and for us. You will never look at activism the same again.

The Blackwell Community School is an advanced concept school anchored by the well-established and time-honored traditions of public and private education in Caswell County, NC.  Blackwell is founded by a group of educators who wanted to create environments that cultivate happiness, growth, and creativity.

Our evergreen curriculum is structured as a perpetually-evolving learning map. A unique blend of traditional and new methods will give you a solid foundation for future success.

Adjacent to our projected Model Community: Blackwell Community is a nested greenspace for town and country lifestyles.

Caswell Community House is one of the top membership day facilities in the nation, with award winning Community Engagement Initiatives and innovative programs.

Activism Now! is the leading organization that helps people take action and make a difference. We provide support through events, campaigns, and resources.