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Contemporary Digital Media is an agency with a team of digital creatives who deploy the latest in complex adaptive technology for sustainable superabundance. Our innovators specialize in digital media, social media, website and design, consulting, development, branding, education, human services, social theory, research, and activism. We’re passionate about creating meaningful digital experiences that are positive and powerful.

Now you have an experienced social media consultant. Our Agents help brands build and engage communities through keen understanding of the digital landscape, content creation, and digital marketing. 

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Developmental Consultants

Our Developmental Consultants are experienced professionals who specialize in helping organizations, communities and individuals build long-term environments of excellence within a Leadership context, generative prosperity and wealth creation in a supportive entrepreneur ecosystem and infinite growth and sustainability within scalably replicable models.

Network and Social Theory Consultants

Social Theory: the Power of Information

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Social theory is not just about understanding society – it is also about changing it. Social theory consultants are scientists and visionaries who use their expertise to help others grow their business and get a competitive edge in their industry.

Social theory consultants work with organizations to help them manage their online identity and presence on various digital channels. They provide guidance in understanding how these channels should be used strategically to foster growth within an organization as well as assist organizations with translating their offline business operations into effective online content which utilizes digital tactics.

Some organizations might struggle to understand or articulate what they’re looking for in the social sphere, so they hire specialists to take over this role for them. They will have plenty of experience with using various theories and methods of analysis from both a theoretical perspective as well as from a practical standpoint, which will give them the tools necessary in order to conduct an evaluation or design intervention that can be translated into actionable steps.

This kind of consulting entails a commitment from both parties – the consultant and the company they are assisting – for long-term engagement. 

Syndicated Indie Publishing

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Authors, Composers, Publishers, Artists

The world is changing. With the new digital publishing technologies and the ability to self-publish, anyone can now publish a book. More and more people are becoming authors of their own life and not just consumers. And with the advent of new social media platforms, it’s now easier than ever to get your books out there and into the hands of readers. Now anything is possible: thoughts can be shared in full transparency, we can find communities that speak about our deepest desires and uncover new truths about ourselves. This has opened up a whole world of possibilities for creative expression and innovation.

For those who are interested in deep introspection, freedom of thought and exploration, indie publishing can be a great option. Indie publishing is an emerging area that offers more control and possibilities for fascinating experiments. The tools for experimentation are available for all to use.

Independently curated Art offers new possibilities for innovation, self-expression and a chance to get your work out there without being subject to the constraints of the traditional gate-keeper industry.

Contemporary Art Design

Community services have changed, with more concentration on psycho-spiritual recovery and peer-led communities rather than traditional models. The services that are being offered to people living with mental illnesses and substance use disorders by contemporary community service providers are more diverse than ever before.

Many people who live with mental illness or substance use issues do not seek treatment because they do not want to be stigmatized and judged. However, peer recovery is a newer form of treatment that has been effective in encouraging people to seek help because peer-members are not exposed to stigma. Active listening and peer advocacy are also new techniques that some mental health professionals use to encourage people with mental illnesses or substance abuse to seek help.

Some of the innovative modalities that are being used to support the needs of people and communities in contemporary society include active listening, peer advocacy, peer recovery, and psycho-spiritual development.

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