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How Can We Be So Epic !

Bringing together the world’s most innovative Activists with the most passionate tribal followers

Who We Are?

Experienced Event & Street Campaign Artists who are Active at every Serious Happening. We are veteran Transformational Catalysts.

What Do We Do?

Our ability to Engage all aspects of, and Integrate the Stakeholder Communities into Complex Asymmetrical Wholes is what puts the Edge on Frontpage Events.

What Are Our Goals?

Every Mission is Unique: the Inter-Subjectivity of each Experience should be Profound and Life-Changing.

Signs of Change

Great Signs don’t just happen. The Message is too important to leave to chance and happenstance. When the Press is in attendance; when the Visual Impact is Crucial; when the long-tail Historicity of your intricately planned Event emerges on Social Media, you cannot afford to spoil it all with a flakey poster, misspelling, or counter-intuitive malaprop.

Trust the Sign Factory to Deliver; for all your pre-demonstration preparations.

Brigade of Lawyers

The focus is always on sustainable transformation and the legal arena is ground zero. Even before you deploy your protest or demonstration, our Brigade of Lawyers prepare the soil on every accessible level. From this we determine the scope of local resistance as well as the layers of transparency afforded by municipalities and their jurisprudence. Don’t wait until afterward! That is a common mistake.

Mobile Health and Medic

Bodily Injury is not a trivial matter and how you arrange for trauma instances may very well determine your success or failure in the overall sense. You must insure allowances for medevac in the event of serious injury. Cameras will be rolling and litigation is pending.

Staging & Asymmetrical Complexity

Demonstration-augmented Activist Events are chain-reaction epics of public perception. The large-scale protest can become one of the most Complex Systems known to Social Science. It ever hovers on the precipice of Chaos and Liminality between unforseen Strange Attractors. Skillful Staging of Sub-Trains, along with Asymmetrical Responsive Adaptants can go a long way toward prevention of counter-movement suppression. Suppression is Big Data nowadays and one cannot afford to be naive.

Social Activism

Neighborhood Caucus

The Activist Gentry will gather in the Arts and Entertainment District to be seen and to make the scene. These events will be amply discussed in the Society section of their local news. Although there is no leverage towards substantial transformation, when run at the proper reinforcement schedules, they can generate actionable buzz alongside significant funding for the major deployment.

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