I'm a Peer Recovery coach

Peer Recovery coaches help with recovery of your core values and personal net worth. If you are living with addiction, health and wellness issues, mental health, chronic stress, social isolation, or just want to live a more fulfilling life, we can help because we have experiential learning from having traveled this journey ourselves.

You can turn your life around today.

Recovery is available to everyone.

Find out more about the Strength-based Journey of Recovery

The Journey of Wellness is a Personal One and is Unique (though we share certain aspects in common) 

Learn about the eight dimensions of wellness: emotional, social, financial, spiritual, occupational, physical, intellectual and environmental…

You are the Expert on You.

There is Hope for wellness and recovery, not just staying out of crisis. Others have done it and so can you.

Do you want an individual consultation?

Peer Recovery coaching is available. Whether you are in Recovery or simply looking for Personal Growth and Wellbeing; we have the skills, experience, and training to help you in your Journey toward a fuller life.

there's hope

We’re no stranger to the issues that may confront you. We’ve been down this road ourselves and we’re positive: there’s hope.

If you’re stuck, overwhelmed, and tired, or you need help finding your way forward.

No one is more of an expert on you than you. Consolidation of your wellness toolkit will help pull you through those times when you feel a little frayed at the edges.