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The Emerging Leadership Context involves a convergence of compound technological ensembles resulting in innovative learning organizations. This Complex Ensemble includes:

  1. Systems Thinking; the ability to see the Whole as greater than the sum of its parts. The vision to embrace Holarchy and Emergence in a coherent flow towards Attractors from the Future, rather than ‘pushing from behind’.
  2. Personal Mastery: development of an adaptive self that is open to continuous change and learning.
  3. Mental Models: this relates to mastery of the Landscape; Learning the Topography of Liminal Zones.
  4. Team Learning: raising the collective IQ of teams from their average of 65; Crowd Sourcing; EQ (Social Awareness) and ‘Dialogue’.
  5. Shared Vision: Collective Authenticity and Interdependence.
  6. Metanoia: the gift of meta-mind; resonance with the emerging Noosphere.

Learning Science for Business Leaders - The Key Ingredients for a Successful Data Strategy

There are three key ingredients that business leaders need in order to build a successful data strategy.

1. Data strategy is not just a large scale business project but it is also an employee engagement tool. It’s about creating an environment where employees are allowed to understand the process and contribute meaningfully to the whole process

2. Embrace Failure – It’s inevitable that at some point, your data strategy will not work out as expected

3. Have Time to Devote to the Data Strategy – A successful data strategy requires time and careful thought, which can’t be rushed

Learning Science for Business Leaders is a guide to help business leaders and executives learn how to use data effectively. It provides a comprehensive, practical approach to implementing a successful data strategy.

The key ingredients for a successful data strategy are:

– Data-driven decision making

– Data-driven marketing and customer experience

– Data-driven innovation

– Data-driven research and development

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The Executive Mindset is different. It is its own perspective and needs acknowledgement before anyone can be one.

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skillsets: experience and on-the-job training

When you are looking for a job, it helps to have skills that are in demand. You need to know what skills your company will require and how to find out the right place to go.

technologies: Technology is changing constantly, with new technologies replacing old ones. In today’s society, technology has become a major business tool. From the invention of the first computer in 1946 to digitalization, there has been significant changes in the way businesses have conducted their daily operations. Current technologies are rapidly replacing yesterday’s business tools.

human capital: human capital is the accumulated knowledge, experience, skillsets, and talent available to an organization as a whole. It includes all of the people and assets that can be attracted or created by an organization including knowledge about the market, technology, customers & competitors.

The Gentle Monarch

Systemic Leadership Consulting uses a socio-dynamic approach to transform leadership throughout the system. And in their efforts to alleviate the stress of leadership, they advocate for sustainable growth. Learn more about Systemic Leadership principles and what they stand for. The work of leaders is never done and the organizational culture will always be in flux. There is always a challenging task for leaders but it can be made easier with Regenerative Organizational Methods. Our core expertise is complex systemic change, which includes everything from organizational design to culture transformation, and entrepreneurship as well as strategic planning and implementation.

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Julia Caulfield

Thought Leadership Expert

Creating a Leadership Context for Our Future

How We Contexted Julia's Campaign

Julia was smart and ambitious and had some great ideas. She came to us about her upcoming political campaign.

In Julia’s family of origin, there were many strong personalities all with good ideas and deeply held opinions. Family get-togethers could easily get out of hand with so many characters expressing their favorite subjects.

This led Julia to develop a diplomatic and consensus-building aspect of her personality that helped de-escalate tensions and foster cohesiveness.

All of these attributes are favorable in a governmental context but Julia wanted help with her leadership context because she had been taught that to be a good manager she needed to be more dominant and to project authority. This seemed to conflict with her consensus-building abilities.

Whenever Julia tried to project power and dominance, her empathetic side would resonate with the hurt and betrayal that she was eliciting among her peers. Julia had been coached that she would have to get over this if she were to become a good manager and that she would never be able to have peers, once she made that transition.

Julia found this to be wrong-headed and injurious to her own inner humanity. And she was right. Although many managerial styles have been perpetrated that undermine laborer’s dignity, study after study has definitively shown that this will result in resentment, sabotage and overall loss of respect.

Once Julia felt permission to be herself again, she consolidated her natural abilities at consensus-building to become a champion in the field of leadership.

You can follow Julia's political journey here:

About Dignity

Winning Through Respect

Personality is the most important factor in shaping a leader’s leadership style. Leaders who have an introverted personality often take a more analytical approach to solving problems, whereas leaders with an extroverted personality focus more on the people and their emotions.

Leadership traits are broad categories that are related to personality styles. A leader’s leadership traits can help them decide what style of leadership they should adopt for a specific situation. Leadership traits also dictate how followers will react to the leader’s actions and decisions

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There are many ways to lead a life based on what you aspire for. If you want to live in entrepreneurship, there is no one better than a regenerative leader. But the question remains – how do you get in? What are the markers of a successful regenerative leader? We can help you find the answers.

Co-Active Leadership helps leaders, teams and organizations to become more effective by moving away from the view that leadership is about power, influence or control. The human factor cannot be ignored when it comes to business. Regenerative Leadership helps leaders with their vision and inspires them to create new outcomes for their companies and customers.

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Changing Your Career Path to Become a Future Leader?

The future of work is looking bright if you have what it takes. New technologies, such as AI and virtualization, will have a significant impact on how the world works in coming years. If you want to be in a position to take advantage of these changes, it’s important that you invest your time and effort into finding a career that aligns with your interests and skillsets.

"When you were a child, how did your parents interact with you? These interactions can tell us a lot about our personality and leadership style"
John Donaghy
Regenerative Consultant

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A “true leader’s mindset” is the most important leadership trait to have. This mindset will allow you to lead your team with more success and truly achieve your goals. Take the Lead today!

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Leadership & Innovation.

As the world evolves and changes, there are so many different leadership styles that have emerged. For example, transformational leadership is a style that is focused on transforming an organization to meet the needs of its stakeholders.

What are the different styles of leadership and what they bring to their company at the end of the day.

There are many different leadership styles available in today’s society which can be a little bit overwhelming for those who are looking for a change in their company. It’s easiest to focus on this one important style:

Transformational Leadership:

This style of leadership focuses on transforming an organization to meet the needs of its stakeholders by focusing on deep values as well as turning people into high performers who are also committed to success.

Transformational leadership is characterized by a shift in the focus of leadership from production to values. An effective transformational leader’s goal is to create a culture that creates trust and inspires people to take ownership of their actions. Values are inherent in the company’s branding and all members hold a stake in their collective expression.

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Digital Media is a powerful tool that can be used to promote your business and reach out to more people. It is not easy to use this tool but it is worth the effort. If you are looking for someone who will help you with Digital Media, then we have the experts for you. We are a company that specializes in Digital Media and we offer services like Website and Design, Consulting. Development, Branding, Community Services, Activism, Events, Education, Human Services, Social Theory, Advanced Research, and Human-AI hybrid integration solutions.

The workplace of the future is not a one-size-fits all proposition. There will be new and emerging strategies to think about in this work environment. The companies that are successful in the future will have to be able to create and generate solutions quickly, as well as, finding ways to retain their talent. Advanced Leadership will encompass:

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About Julia

Meet Julia


Ms. Caulfield is also renowned for wise and compassionate leadership that she demonstrated in her previous positions at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, National Security Council, Peace Corps, US Department of State and other organizations. She led refugee relief efforts globally for over two decades both overseas and in Washington DC.


Ms. Caulfield is an experienced and innovative leader who has helped achieve high levels of economic growth in the public and private sectors. She knows how to tackle big challenges such as implementing health care reform and fairness for all Americans, managing our $20 trillion debt without raising taxes and achieving peace throughout the world. Ms. Caulfield is an intelligent thinker who can generate fresh ideas at scale that are practical, achievable, equitable—and most importantly–prosperous. She will be a wise & compassionate leader for America’s future!


Julia Caulfield has been a leading innovator in the fields of digital marketing and campaign management, and her company Emergent Strategies has lead campaigns for personalities like Donna Sweetpea Jones. Founded in 2015, Emergent Strategies is an award-winning digital marketing firm that specializes in management and execution of emerging strategies. The company’s culture of excellence is anchored by their deep commitment to ethical standards and emerging technologies.

Emergent Strategies is pleased to announce their campaign to elect Julia Caulfield to the US Senate.

The Emergent Strategies culture of excellence is fueled by generative solutions for the workplace of the Future. We believe that this transformation of work includes everything from Emergent Strategies, Generative Solutions, Cultures of Excellence, Radical Superabundance, Engines of Success, and Infinite personal Growth, Prosperity and Wellbeing.

Using Generative Solutions and Engines of Success, Thought Leaders have been able to strategically plan for our nation’s long-term strategic dominance.


Julia Caulfield is an accomplished, visionary leader, known for her innovative genius in generative wealth and prosperity, which has given her a generous perspective and commitment to supporting social justice.. As a successful entrepreneur and innovator in the fields of wealth and prosperity creation, she held two thirds of the world’s patents for artificial intelligence more than ten years ago. She has wide-ranging experience that spans international finance, philanthropy, and global environmental policy. She is an innovative genius in generative leadership and has been lavish with her time and talents towards the public. Julia Caulfield is a uniquely qualified candidate with a career experience in the public sector, private sector, and widely respected in academia.

We are championing a candidate that is passionate about the future of our society and will work hard to create a culture of excellence. A culture of excellence provides an environment where our citizens can succeed in any marketplace. This environment will be shaped by policies supported at all levels of society, in order to give everyone an equal chance at success.

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