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Developing a digital media strategy.

Digital Media does best when we incorporate the principles of good information architecture. Then, people receive something they value. Under these conditions Digital Media excels at:

  • serving as a guide to products & services, enhancing the customer experience
  • improving the quality of products and delivery via direct access to consumers & their input
  • dispenses with costly and ineffective commercial ad campaigns, since good customer reviews work far better
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Experience Matters

We want to give you all those things that help you make good decisions about your digital media strategy. That means sharing the results of data that comes through our web analytics, your Social Media campaign, keyword research, site optimization data, SEO, link-building strategies, page ranking and other tools that enable you to come to a conclusive decision about your current strategy. The beauty of digital media is that it gives you hard data that we can analyze.

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Update Your Business Plan

Every business needs a business plan. If you are an established business, you likely have a plan already. This is the central plan that you will return to and elaborate upon as your enterprise grows and develops.

It is a good idea to dust it off and review your business plan every so often because the social and economic environment steadily changes and your business needs to evolve along with it. Certain trends may call for adjustments and new things are always on the horizon. Your competition changes as well and its a good thing to look at what they are doing in response to the current context.

Project Management

Design Thinking is a big part of Project Management. And it is quite an Art unto itself. In today’s modern Systems, solutions will Emerge from the overall Complexity, so long as we skillfully create the appropriate Environment via Generative Facilitation.

A simple timeline is no longer sufficient. Not only will you need good Information Architecture and Design Thinking, but you will need Systems Theory and Fractal Analysis for the Data and Evaluation. Everything runs on Information. A specialist can help you here and we are ready to help.

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Case-By-Case Study & Analysis

Our Field Investigator is knowledgeable in Appreciative Inquiry so as not to disrupt your established process. We get you the facts you need for a conclusive solution.

It’s how we increase engagement and decrease response time, while generating more high quality leads.

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Individual Mileage May Vary

Some Companies have a team-system where one department is responsible for the Design (for example) and another is responsible for the Branding while a third is responsible for the Sales and Marketing, etc. We employ a similar concept but we’re faster than a team. We also retain the continuity that a team loses in the mix. All consolidations of the essential Concept are retained by one Creative Director. This is very important and leads to a unified outfacing product with internal strength and integrity. People sense that and like it.

Other companies like to outsource various components of their design. I’ve done that myself (and really, I have no problem with that for some cases because it can result in a basic product at a cheaper price. I would do that for you, if it were the solution that makes the most sense, for you in your particular case). It can be a real headache though and also consume inordinate amounts of time. And in the end, I’ve never really gotten a superior, coherent product that way. But it is suitable for a basic product. So we give you a quality, substantial product with someone that you can call up and communicate with. We can explain what we’re doing and why. We can discuss things. Changes are not a problem. Satisfaction is more assured and your customers can intuitively sense the difference in the ensuing result. Our collaboration becomes a Joy and it shows.

Speaking of Joyful Collaboration, have you ever looked at efforts from some companies at clumsy or forceful ‘community engagement’? It is often quite transparent that somebody read an article on ‘engagement’ and assigned a surrogate to get something on-board. Human radar is exquisitely sensitive to process and motive and will shun such efforts immediately. You can definitely run people off with the wrong approach. 

What a difference Joy and Mastery makes when putting something out there for people to consider. If you are considerate, then folks will consider it! The process by which a digital media contribution is brought into being will come across intuitively and 9 of 10 Humans can sense the difference in the energy and purpose behind it. Frantic, hurried, shifty, dubious and insincere shared-media are transparent in their deficiencies. So it really makes a difference whether the media is put together piecemeal in a chop-shop or brought to life while nurtured in a loving environment through Joy and Meaning. Whether you hire us, or somebody else, I always advise that you find out whether the labor is one of love and passion for the work. It can make all the difference in the world and you’ll feel better about it, too!


We’ve tried a lot of different models of the newer concepts in team delivery methods and while the results are varied, we like them both philosophically and practically. We’re proponents of holism and the holarchic structural approaches as well as generative collaboration and consensus-building. We like to believe that the results of our experimental openness show in what we do. We are certainly happier about doing it.

We are also major proponents of synergistics, the practical application of a rather rigorous scientific theory put forth by Peter A. Corning quite some time ago. We believe, as does Mr. Corning, that it represents a more Progressive theory of Human Socio-Cultural Evolution.


What I bring to the Table

All this Theory, Practice and Experiential Knowledge…

In order to cultivate a loyal customer base, you must consistently offer them something of value. It must be something of relevance to them and it must be meaningful to you to bring it to them. Value and Meaning are not assembly-line products that you put on a 'social media calendar' and schedule in advance -the very idea is patently ridiculous. Yet what do you see in practically every job-description for a social media content producer? This should be a red flag for the entire Industry! Please do not sacrifice the quality of your digital media engagement to the altar of passé concepts from the dinosaur age.
Networks are everywhere. Small Group Dynamics are themselves combined into Informal Networks of Sub-Groups, from which Emerge spontaneous structures of Order and Information-sharing. Additionally, each of these Sub-Groups are interacting within a Context. This Contextual Environment adapts Morphogenically and seamlessly to Reciprocate Reflexively with its participant Actor/Agents. In this way, we come to understand how the quality of Information and its Flow throughout the Systems is crucial to the Field of Community Building and Customer Engagement.

Personal Branding & Influence

If Passion, Joy, and Meaning are as relevant and infectious as we have presented thus far, then the Personal Narrative of every team member is important to the Harmonious Synergy of the Whole. If your Vision is not Whole, you will have only diminished Influence.
Network Dynamics are not Linear. At times they are neither Logical nor Comprehensible. Therefore, the old paradigms of 'Command and Control' strategy are failing us in rather catastrophic ways. Networks operate by Non-Linear Dynamics such as Feed-forward and feed-back Loops. And from Loops Emerge sudden and unexpected quirks that can cripple or disrupt the old linear supply-chain. The New Order is Emergent and moves with the Flow of Networks and Dynamic Systems. This is where we look to find Insight into our Emerging Future.
Website Design with Information Architecture is based upon the practical methods of Social Activism, Events Management, Grassroots Movements, Street Campaigns, and Community Building and Engagement. They are the Experiential Characteristics of the Social Architect. Combine this with Digital Media experience and you have rare talent at your service indeed. You cannot do better at any price.

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