Camp Meadowlark

Guiding Young Citizens Toward Good
Stewardship and Sustainable Abundance

A thought-provoking new form of activism on how to inspire others about the value of being environmentally conscious. Teaching youth about conservation of natural resources and reducing their carbon footprints is the most important goal of schools and parents in today’s global society.

You’ll learn how to help others understand why environmental responsibility is important, how to model roles that engage others and make conservation meaningful, strategies for teaching diverse groups of citizens, and more. Learn what it takes to teach fellow citizens about the value of sustainable living.

Reaching our fellow Citizens is vital as they need to hear about it early and often if we are to stand a chance against global warming. With inspired presentations, your campers can easily resonate to engaging content about the environment, ecology or conservation to spark their imagination.

Environmental Responsibility

Meadowlark is Day Camp that focuses on Environmental Issues and Ecology; an all-inclusive, inspired, day camp for teens and young adults. We have a very unique and dynamic curriculum. College students earn their stripes in modern educational activism by running groups that feature fun and educational activities centered around Environmental Sustainability and Good Stewardship. Personal Excellence is the main focus.

We’re revolutionizing the way people communicate with each other and the world. Join us in our efforts to raise awareness of environmental issues, protect the planet, and find solutions to this critical problem.

Teaching others the value of Environmental Education, Ecology, Nature and Conservation for a sustainable future.