Pathway to the Future

“We anticipate a sustainable future superabundance in each of the seven spheres of human life:

  • energy,
  • nourishment,
  • material goods,
  • all-around health,
  • all-around intelligence,
  • all-around creativity,
  • all-around collaboration.

It will be imperative to pay close attention the broader social context within which science and technology operate:

  1. politics,
  2. economics,
  3. investment landscape,
  4. and public mood.

An even more important context of these are:

  • fundamental values,
  • and core priorities;

which radically affect human capacity for change.”

~David Wood, ‘Sustainable Superabundance’

Chronic Erosion

Main Cause of Arable Soil Loss

Good healthy topsoil is vital to healthy vegetation. When erosion strips the soil away, it leaves only the bare sub-strata and becomes incapable of growing crops. Nutrient rich minerals, built up over hundreds of thousands of years are lost into the waterways and oceans, never to return. Attempts to force agricultural productivity on such areas by the use of synthetic fertilizer salts only result in bland, hollow food-crops that are lacking in minerals and micronutrients necessary for a healthy diet.

Complex Ecological Holarchies

Constructal Design in Vertical Ecologies

Building a sustainable ecological culture takes place on many tiers, vertical and horizontal. It is very much like trellised gardens which provide access to life-giving sunlight to a multiplicity of levels that can interact synergistically for robust Complexity; where the Whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We are looking toward Hybrid Design for Living Architecture.

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Activism is for People of all walks of Life

From entrepreneurs to developers, marketing managers, CEOs and policymakers – all of our 5,000 community activists are looking to stay on top of the latest trends, engaged in worthwhile partnerships for a new tomorrow.

The Future Becons: Where will you go next?

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