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Building a Social Movement

There are definite steps toward building a social movement and it goes a lot better if we take them. Movements also gain more momentum synergistically…

Theories of Social Movements

Social Movements grow out of disillusionment when one group of people perceive themselves as treated with less regard than perceived others…

Demo Project

Suspendisse potenti. Sed egestas, ante et vulputate volutpat

Process Dependent Mobilizaiton of Political Opportunity

Political opportunities arise out of a complex dynamic interplay which afford mobilization of agents of collective liminalities…

Ideological Paradigms based on Marx

There is an ongoing dialectic between the Laborer and the Owner of the Means of Production (factory Owners)…


Creative Thinkers often catalyze Social Change, but Innovation generally requires something there already upon which we build the new structure…

Dynamic Urban Ecosystems

Ther Urban Ecosystem is often viewed as a massive generative dynamo where resources (and labor) flow into the kitchen and money, products and intangibles flow out…

Analysis of Effectiveness

Using set theory it is possible to measure the overall effectiveness of Socio-political movements via their interactive commonalities…

Purposeful Success

The purpose of places is successful or not according to its goals and its relevance to the orbits of its conceptual satellites…

Building a Social Movement

When we analyze a social movement via one of these models, it becomes quite evident that other phenomena can be measured this way too. We take a look at how closely related some other phenomena are…

The Vitality of a City

Why do some cities succeed and others don’t do so well or even decline. Here we take a look at some of the vitalizing factors which contribute to healthy, sustainable urban centers…

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Generative Collaboration is a characteristic of the symbiotic cooperation of Living Evolution. .

Alice Mawson
Dynamic LTD

There is no Action without the primum mobile of Deliberate Intent. It has always been survival of the Pro-Social Ally in conjunction with a reciprocative connectedness to the Environment

Michael Osborne
Magna LTD

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Activism is something that appeals to some instinctually while to most others it does not. If you hear the call, please feel invited to check out more about us on the following page…

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Activism requires an extensive knowledge of Social Dynamics and the interconnection of the socio-political realm with its sustaining environment, as well as the currents of vitality that ebb and flow away from opportunity or into channels of liminal affordance. These are all crucial considerations but aside from extensive theoretical knowledge, a rather lengthy apprenticeship is necessary to learn the ropes and absorb the art. Beyond these challenging prerequisites a good rapport and experiential comfort with ambiguity should be helpful.

The Combination of

Ambition & Natural Gift

A general understanding of autopoiesis and the interplay of environmental becoming and environmental assimilation alongside the talents necessary to ride the shifting currents of swift and sudden instabilities; all without becoming engulfed, entangled or loosing one’s footing should enable the activist to surf the storm of chaos and disruption.


These conditions are known as riding the dragon and are described by modern systems theorists as characteristics of the Life Force which inhabits meta-systems and operates via Networks and Complex rules of combinatorial collectivities of energy and populated affordances.

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Science & Development

Social Activism

From the theory of Social Activism to what it means to be a Social Activist in the Digital Age, these videos will help you define your focus and help you plot out a course of action in order to begin your Journey and make a difference.

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Their work proves that activist design should not be just a frolicing romp, but apart from authentic demands should link together functionality and social conscience. Thanks to many years of international experience with community and institutional projects, our Social Architects think about design activism vis-a-vis the needs of citizens who are going to live in it, when the movement succeeds.


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