There is Hope. Help is available. Contemporary Peer Recovery Coaching is your place for Certified Peer Recovery Coaching from people who have been there.


The New Revolution in alternative treatment options, PSDR is a new way of life for those seeking spiritual development, who are unafraid of transformative living that acknowledges the uniqueness at the core or every individual. A new day has dawned for psycho-spiritual development: PSDR is a holistic approach to psychodynamics, psychosynthesis, and quantum psychology, honoring personality, emotional vitality, and uniqueness. Holistic solutions for the human condition: because the brain is a spiritual organ.

We live in a unique and special time of human and planetary evolution. It is an age of new paradigms, when ancient mysteries and the modern scientific meet. Contemporary Innovative Modalities is a revolutionary new way of thinking, experiencing and being, centered on the journey to transcendence – both spiritual and intellectual. Try the noogenesis-centered mindfulness method: the Ultimate in Experiential Learning.

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