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Making our Community Healthier and Better

We have a lot of experience leading groups and workshops (in fact, we do this all the time!). Let us know if you have something you might want us to contribute to.

Peer Recovery coaching is available. Whether you are in Recovery or simply looking for Personal Growth and Wellbeing; we have the skills, experience, and training to help you in your Journey toward a fuller life.

Turning Point was originally a kind of switchboard and warm-line for professional referral. Due to constantly shifting conditions among helping and care professionals and their various systems, Turning Point has all but phased out. We currently are recommending Peer Recovery instead.

Communication is the foundation of every good relationship. Good communication fosters the trust which results in greater intimacy.

There is a growing need for Professional companionship, based on good principles in Health and Wellbeing. We have experience in this valuable area.

Self Actualization and Personal fulfillment are essential to optimum health (both physical and mental) and performance (whether in your career or personal life). We can help you achieve satisfaction on many levels on-goingly.

Your Network is Essential to Recovery of your Health and Wellbeing

We are all in this together and need our mutual support and nurture.

You can turn your life around today.

Hope for a New Tomorrow begins with making your move Today

Frequently Asked Questions

Everybody has Questions. It’s Natural.

If you are encountering problematic evidence in your work or daily life; or if you just want more than you are currently achieving. Sometimes, people just want to turn things around or begin a new phase of their life.

Good Communicationship is a skillset that you can master for the purpose of a caring and more intimate Relationship. It is something that both partners commit to in serious long-term relationships together.

Recovery typically goes through six stages. Once your Recovery is well under way, you will be in the ‘Maintenance’ stage. Recovery is a Wellness Modality and will become a commitment for Life.


Sociologist/Peer Recovery Specialist


Ruffin North Carolina



Community Health is Precious

Our Future is Invested in it

Peer Specialist; Consultant

Licenced Marriage and Family Therapist

Danville VA
Reidsville, Ruffin, Caswell County
Greensboro NC

Our Service Area

Turning Point serves the upper Piedmont area of North Carolina (Yanceyville, Reidsville, Eden and surrounding areas) and Southside Virginia (Danville and Pittsylvania County).

Turning Point is a professionally administered service for families and individuals in crisis; whether already in recovery or seeking to begin their recovery.

 We engage our reliable network of professional peers (cultivated through our long association with addiction and recovery) to help you get on the right track quickly and efficiently.

If you are having an emergency, of course call 911. Otherwise please use the contact form below and we will respond as quickly as humanly possible (usually within 24-36 hours).