Strength Based Journey

In every recovery there are strengths and resiliences. Often those issues which we are most exasperated with contain within them a hidden goldmine of strengthes -just waiting to be uncovered and put to use for our recovery success.

The journey of recovery may start with a heavy emphasis on some particular aspect, but will eventually expand to encompass Health and Wellness in all facets of an individual’s growth and wellbeing. This is a holistic journey that is interdependent and non-linear. 

Aret oporteat inciderint te est. Sed no errem deseruisse. Consequat cotidieque qui id, ceteros electram eos in.

Once the Hero accomplishes his test, he returns to his family and community a new person. Like the prodigal child, the lessons learned become something of profound value for the greater community.

“The threat of stigma is so powerful as to prevent the vast majority from obtaining even an initial interview with a professional. Stigma is personal.”