Major Jungian Archetypes

psychodynamic Archetypes Major Jungian Archetypes Previous Next Structure of the Psyche The concept of Archetypes was introduced and developed by Carl Gustav Jung. Jung conceived of Archetypes as templates of the personality that helped explain people’s behavior and where they are coming from with it. There is a lot of technical discussion about Archetypes being 

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Eight Dimensional Wellness

Integrative & Non-Linear Eight Dimensional Wellness Although the Recovery Journey is Intensely Personal; there are some Characteristics we Share in Common A Good Model for All Personal Growth 8 Aspects of Healthy Wellbeing SAMHSA’s 8 Dimensions of Wellness (pdf) In the Late 1980’s beliefs about chronic mental health began to be challenged along with the

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A Strength Based Journey

Successful Recovery is for Everyone The Strength Based Journey Everybody is unique and has their own strengths and weaknesses. Old style recovery methods used to focus intensely on what is wrong with a person, as if there’s something broken that needs fixing. Peer based recovery is different and recognizes that every story -including yours- develops

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